Friday, January 20, 2006


"The election on Sunday of Michelle Bachelet as Chile`s President completes a three continent long jump for women in politics.Ms. Bachelet is the first woman elected president in Latinoamerica,who is not the widow of a political strongman.
On Monday,when Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was inagurated as president of Liberia,she became Africa`s first woman to be elected President.And Angela Merkel`s election as chancellor of Germany,a woman leads Westen Europe`s most populous nation.
Ms Bachelet,a socialist,an agnostic and a single mother won the presidency of Chile.Latin America most conservative country,with the help of a compelling personal history.She is the daugther of an air force general who died in prison during Gen.Pinochet`s rule after months of torture,and she herself was imprisoned and tortured.When she was named defense minister in the curent government,she was put in charge of a military still very shaped by Mr.Pinochet.She brought an unpretentious style to the post,and won a reputation for toughness without rencor."

Extract of Editorial of the New York Times published Juanuary 19,2006
By his interest to chilean with residence outside of Chile we include,also for some
people que ignored still the roots of Chilean winner election of last Sunday 15.
Image:from a german newspapper.


Sol said...

Ojalá.. pueda gobernar..
en todo caso.. una mujer.. puede hacer grandes cosas.. con poco..

juanca said...

si no puede no sirve

Joan said...

Jorge, es usted de Chile? Solo he visitado a Costa Rica, Ecuador, y Mexico en centroamerica y sudamerica. No he ido a Chile.

Marguerite Collot said...

admiro su blog,nosotros tengo muchos valores communes.Deseo buena suerte con Michèle Bachelet pero para mi, francès, la politica perdio la direcction de sus valores primero.Hay buenas ideas en la iszquierda como a la derecha y solamente un gobierno de la uniôn nacional conviendria pero soy utôpica !!!Happy new year for you ! I like art,music and Poetry

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