Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Nearby the Cape oh Horn and the Strait of Magellan,lived yagan people was a sea
side people who lived in the most hard place in the world.They nourrish from marine harvest and cover only with marine wolf oil and skin of some sea or earth mamals.
Where the first habitant of our country in the South of the South,Now how many yagans lives 20 o 30 perhaps least?Or nobody pure yagan?
Was a peacefull people who began to die when the colonization of Magallanes began.
The diseases? The chase of them for european because they ate some sheeps?Perhaps
but we lost a part of our soul.I came to visit the National Museum on Nature here in Santiago and a remains of his culture is there.Thet lived a quite simple life but the had a very complex notion of God and a windsom of life.I read."Be good person,take care of older childs an sicks and behave well with the people that surround".His a lesson of great culture,and ethics.I am very proud to know that yagan people are the best part od chilean culture and still alive in our soul and so in our blood.

From Santiago,Quinta Normal,14 Feb.2006,15.30


Joyce said...

How beautiful, how sad. A people lost but still alive in the hearts or their ancestors. What a waste of great culture and knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for sharing, Joyce

Claudina said...

Jorge, este post me recordó un documental muy emotivo y triste sobre los yaganes de Tierra del Fuego que vi en la Universidad... Se los cazaba como animales y se otorgaban recompensas al cazador que llevara como "trofeo" una oreja o un seno de mujer. Otro de los vandalismos a los que fueron sometidos los pueblos originarios de América. En el mismo documental hablaban ampliamente sobre la ética y cosmovisión de este pueblo. Lamentablemente no recuerdo mayores datos. Gracias por postear esta información.
Un abrazo desde Buenos Aires,

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