Friday, February 10, 2006


Por compromiso urgente arriendo o vendo nido un ambiente,por otro más grande en un arbol y bosque tranquilo.
Daria el de la foto en parte de pago.

Urgent nest to rent or sell.Because I am expecting the open of three eggs I need a more great apartament in a peacefull neighbourhood,preference a wild forest.

Imagen; National Geograpfic Internet


Iris said...

hola Jorge, ¿de vacaciones?, que lindas tus dos últimas notas.

¿como te fue con lo de la foto en el perfil?

Saludos, Iris.

Kimie said...

What a beautiful creature!
There is not such a creature in Japan.
Is this a bird or an insect?
I hope to read your blog but I can read it not at all.
I’m enjoying your pictures and photographs.

Jorge Gajardo Rojas said...

Is a bird.I dont know the name.The most of the image are from Google and not mine.And used as ilustration purposes.
I am a senior veterinarian an love animals and nature.The bird is from Guinea or Borneo?In Chile we have a kind of this but not so beatiful without tails que feed with flowers nectar an move his wings so fast as a ventilator or a chopper.
If you see other part of the blog you can find a controvertial issue about hte whales catching in the south Pacific near Antartica and near Chile by Japan fish ships as scientifics purposes.

Ellen said...

Lo arriendo, ahi seria mi refugio, mi libertad, mirar observar, seria en esa tranquilidad que el bosque me daria, ideal para alejarme del ruido de nosotros los humanos, doy a cambio un espacio aqui en Perth Australia, un poco mas amplio que el tuyo my dear bird. Your friend Ellen

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